wtorek, 3 sierpnia 2010



poli woli...
się nie wychylać.
Textiles with textures caressing your skin / Woman so primitive looking content / Pout your lips your such a bird / Shhh don’t utter a word / Don’t wrinkle your forehead / Don’t even think recommendation / From a magazine pout your lips / Your such a bird / Don’t utter a word / Flourished and sprayed with perfume / So sweetened your domed for a well garnished life / Flourished and sprayed with perfume / So sweetened you doomed for a well garnished tomb now / Recommended / Puddle clip claps in healthy cells / And glittering skin such an atomic bomb / When she steps in / What an ideal / To make you proud lick her face / And tell her wow pout her lips / She’s such a bird shhh, don’t utter a word / It’s a recommendation / Recommendation / A recommendation / Recommendation / It’s a recommendation / From magazines (Little Dragon)