wtorek, 26 lipca 2011

something goes right

poli woli... 
kiedy jest dobrze.
Standing in a dream world, sitting next to you, up in the clouds / Sitting on the edge, looking down at the earth / Looking up into space / Is it better to let you go? /Or is it better to let you know? /You should take it, you should take it back / I've only got myself to blame / Love something thinking things will never change / These feelings probably will still still remain, I was always hurt / & I've been feeling like this most most of my life / I've been feeling like things aint gonna change / Things aint gonna get it back? / I keep on having these conversations & prayingI keep on staring at these constellations & praying / and these bitter thoughts that keep on escaping / I wish that they were staying and something would go right and something will go right, go right / Dont you bring me down. (sbtrkt)